Attendance Management   

6 In 1 - AI Based Time Attendance & Access Control Solution
Experience seamless integration and unparalleled efficiency with our innovative solution. Harness the power of artificial intelligence for comprehensive time tracking and access control, streamlining operations and optimizing security.


Some of Most Common Problems reported before using our system for Conducting Time Attendance & Payroll

Having Attendance Machine, Still HR doing Manual Excel Work?


Are you struggling Delay Payroll


Are you struggling Paid Extra?


No Approval for Leave and Exceptions


Inconsistent Capturing of Absentees?


Are you struggling No Payroll Ledger ?


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QUALITY Management System

Increase Productivity, Efficiency

from 6-in-1 Time Attendance Solution

Whether employees are at head office or branch, remote sites, on road, events, On deliveries, sales meetings, ensuring that they are at the right place at the right time.

Automatic Reminders

Setup  a Auto Reminders, Alerts, Push notifications To Customers, Employees, Drivers.

Automatic Email

Complete Mass Mailing Solution

Online Booking

Never ask what time suitable for you.

Laundry & Cleaning Management

When you are onsite, what matters is that you deliver excellent services. Your tools need to be intuitive and as mobile as you are..

Our Work Process

Distinctively grow go forward with CLEANLYTEC.
Enthusiastically disseminate user-centric outsourcing through revolutionary

Conduct Meeting & Evaluation Team


Designing UI/UX & Automation Workflow Process Team


Project Design, Planning Milestone, Execution Team


Testing Team & Go Live


Technical Support Team


Future Upgrade Analysis


Push for Update Team


Do you need Easy & Reliable Attendance Management for Project Event & Corporate Business

ARRIBA  Save time on your attendance process, automatic process Looking for easy and reliable attendance management? Our solutions are perfect for projects, events, and corporate businesses. Simplify your processes and enhance efficiency with our advanced technology.  

  Finding Difficulties In Managing Your Corporate?
corporate security management companies play a critical role in ensuring the safety and security of various types of events. Without the correct software system in place, they may face several challenges that can impact their effectiveness and the safety of the

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Happy Clients

Content clients who feel cared for

Happy Employees

Make Employees Happy that aren’t busy with routine copy-pasting the information

Measurable Reports

Reports with measurable metrics and insights for your real estate property that you can use to enhance it even further

Conduct Attendance 6 in 1 Solution

Ai Camera

AI Camera for Verified & Stranger Face


Wallmounted or Stand holder Facescan


Fingerprint, QR Code, NFC Card, Rfid Tags

Mobile app

User Attendance by Supervisor


GPS+Wifi+LBS two way communication

Whtsapp URL

WhatsApp & sms URL check in & check out

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